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2005-03-15, 19:58
Hey, its my first post, wooo, I guess....
But anyway, I have and ipod mini (just got it) and I notice after a while of using it the headphones really hurt my ears. I really like the apple ipod headphones look and don't want to swich to another brand. Do you think that swiching to the in-ear headphones they would no longer hurt my ears. Anyone have this problem?? Any solutions??? I really want to stay with apple headphones...and yes I have tried the padding, it works...but I loose the little fomy things too easily

2005-03-15, 20:27
I have the in-ear headphones and love them. But you have to learn how to get them in just right or they'll sound tinny. Also, if you're chewing something (food, gum) it'll jostle them a little so that you have to readjust them in your ears every so often. Other than that it's the best sound I've ever heard out of headphones save the bose ones.

Franz Josef
2005-03-16, 07:13
I have the in-ear headphones and love them.

agreed - in-ear headphones v good.

2005-03-16, 07:22
The iPod earbuds hurt my ears too. I highly recommend Sennheiser MX450s (or 550s, which come with an inline remote).

2005-03-16, 08:04
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...and welcome to AN :)

2005-03-16, 17:27
Get the shure e2c's. For $50 you can buy them from Dell (http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/search.aspx?c=us&l=en&cs=6044&cat=snp&s=eep&selectiontypeids=3&selectiontypeids=4&SubmitSearch=1&Pageb4Search=search&k=shure&SearchType=OR&category_id=2999&mnf=&prst=&prEnd=)! This is a great deal on these headphones. I think you need to be a student some place but if you qualify, you should definitely get them.

edit: Deal is now dead. Oh well. I got 3 pairs of e3c's on order. Hopefully they'll fulfill the order....