View Full Version : iBook: when to purchase? :(

2005-03-15, 21:32
hey i am getting an iBook and am wondering when to purchase.

i know they will probably update on April 1st when tiger comes out but i was thinking of getting it in August right before school starts so i can get the latest one.

are there any updates that will happen to the iBook then that would be significantly different than what is expected to happen to the iBook in April?

such as

-G5(ok i think im pushin it a liiiiittle but a...)
-Dual G4(<would be real nice...)
-upgraded to current PowerBook specs or pretty close(but i could settle for that any day)
-anything else u guys can think of?(also...)
-will it even be updated by then?(August '05)

-Steve (iHateWindows!!!)

thx :)

2005-03-15, 21:48
You're not going to see a G5 iBook until well after there's a G5 PowerBook, and that may never even happen.

Dual G4 is even way out of the iBook league.

The iBook is due for an update soon (hopefully late spring/early summer), but you're not going to see the things you want until.... oh wait, very little of that will ever happen at all.

The iBook is the "value" notebook, which means it's not going to be the super-powerful model... ever. It's cheaper because it's not as powerful. That's the whole idea. You're expecting way too much out of the next revision. If your expectations are really that high, you're going to be very disappointed.

2005-03-15, 22:33
yea i think i was thinkin powerbook specs but...

how often do they update the iBook? month-wise

2005-03-15, 22:46
It really varies. I'm hoping the next revision will come in June or July, but I'm just being hopeful, really. I would be surprised if we saw any major updates this time, though. Maybe a bump in hard drive capacity or a SuperDrive option on the 12"... that's just my theory, though.

2005-03-15, 23:09
I'm really impressed with the speed of the iBooks. The lowest one is 1.2 and my powerbook is 1.25. I'd love to have an ibook over my powerbook if it wasn't for my powerbooks lovely 15" screen.

2005-03-15, 23:30
how often do they update the iBook? month-wise

Check here: http://buyersguide.macrumors.com/