View Full Version : ImacG5 or PMG5 DP: that is the question

2005-03-17, 00:21
Deciding between Imacg5 20inch and PMG51.8DP. I am not into heavy games, photoshop, video, nor graphics. I will do lots of photo viewing and cataloging. My sense is that the Imac 1.8 will work fine. The 20 inch display is great. BUT I hear rumors of heat problems and complaints about the video card.

My questions are: is the video that bad for my needs? Will I have problems playing some high end games even with 1.25 gig of ram?
Next question: Is the PM1.8DP that much faster than the 1.8 Imac with general computing and not heavy graphics, video, gaming.

I hate to spend the extra money for PMG5DP since I love the 20inch monitor. A 17inch non apple LCD is not the same as the 20inch cinema. ;)

2005-03-17, 01:01
Personally, I would go for the iMac, it's pretty much a better value all around. THAT SAID, I am also going to be getting an iMac soon, but I'm waiting till april, because it is fairly likely the iMacs will be updated and shipping with tiger.

Hopefully the updates will provide a superior video card and more RAM standard. That is if they are right around the corner, which I feel there will be, but I have no solid evidence for really.