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2005-03-19, 13:58
Hello all,

Being a bit of a fan of Halo and Halo 2, I'm intrigued by "Marathon" which everyone raves about. Can I still get it? Will it run on my OSX machine (under Classic, presumably). Is it worth it?

Thanks for your advice.


2005-03-19, 14:19
Marathon rules.

You can play The Trilogy in OSX by downloading Aleph One (http://source.bungie.org/). To play the original scenario (Marathon 1) in Aleph One you'll need to download the M1A1 (http://archives2.bungie.org/cgi-bin/findmaps.cgi?onmapname=on&mapname=m1a1+mac&sortby=date) port. The rest of the (now free) Trilogy can be downloaded here (http://trilogyrelease.bungie.org/).

A bunch of third-party scenarios and lots of Marathon info can be found here (http://marathon.bungie.org/).

Have fun. :)

2005-03-19, 14:27
Oh, and those aren't running Classic with Aleph One, it's a full Carbon port, so Classic isn't needed.