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2005-03-21, 01:28
I got my first powerbook a couple of years ago now and made the switch and became a very big apple fan from there on, but a few months had to let mine go and since I have been stuck leeching off of friends and landlords computers, and am wanting to get back and buy a new notebook but not sure which.

I have a small backpack that id like to carry it in amongst other things (damage isnt a concern here) and am thinking only a 12" will do, though could put it in something else and get a 15" (because im not sure how much the understandable 1024x768 screen resolution restrictions on the 12" models work out, especially when I deal with a lot of photos and webgraphics through adobe photoshop, though I have worked happilly on lower resolutions before), my biggest concern however is price (it always is) ive got a budget of $1500 USD (although I live in Canada) so unless im able to find a 15" powerbook for around the price, thats out of the question... but im unsure whether to buy iBook or PowerBook, external hardware quality which is best, both acceptable?... screen quality also? id happily get the 12" powerbook... but I dunno im just very very confused on which to get, pb range has just been updated and seems more sensible to choose, but if so I guess my last and biggest question would be where would people recommend buying from for the cheapest? and preferably within Canada? I have seen http://shop.vendio.com/discountlaptop/item/757547282/index.html but unsure whether the ones they would sell would actually be the latest models, and whether it would be worth it anyway as their website looks rather sketchy, but any advice on anything (its a large area, sorry very confused I guess on choices) would be greatfully appreciative.

Thank you.

2005-03-21, 01:49
Hey welcome to the forums!
Regarding the decisions on getting an iBook or PB, check out existing threads here (http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?t=4544&highlight=trackpad) and here (http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?t=4957&highlight=ibook) .

Personally, I use Photoshop for a lot for photo work for publications and web graphics and I am fine with the resolution on my 12" PB. The size is just perfect and I am constantly impressed with its performance. I would actually rather have it opposed to the 15" even if money were no object.

:eek: Wow, that price on the site is lower than the edu discount! That's the current model too. On the other hand, you get free shipping with the Apple store, and I would feel better about ordering from there anyway.

2005-03-21, 07:15
You still might want to try and upgrade the RAM then if your going to be working in photoshop a lot.

2005-03-21, 22:45

Refurbished SuperDrive 12" PowerBook on sale for $300 off.