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2005-03-22, 18:38
I am upgrading my system for an HD project.
I am an After Effects animator and need to check my animations in HD for motion jitter and moires before delivery to the online editor.

I have been getting mixed reviews about the best option for me.

Presently, I am going with a 2.5GB G5 with the ATI 9800 video card and 2GB of RAM.
I believe I am going to go with a Blackmagic Decklink Pro HD video card (I've been happy with my Decklink SD card) as it has both SDI and analog outputs. I want the component analog connection to go to my Sony PMV-14M2U for SD monitoring.

But, I am not sure what to do for an HD monitor.

Get a 23" Apple Cinema Display and attach the Decklink Pro HD card to it via an HDLink?
This has the added bonus of being able to plug it into the back of my computer to use as a lusciously large computer desktop when I'm not using it for previewing purposes.

Or stray from Apple and try the HP L2335 for less money and supposedly, more functionality. I believe I can hook this up directly from the Decklink Pro HD card and don't need the HDLink converter. Is this correct?

OR, since I deal with interlacing and moire, should I run straight out of the Decklink Pro HD card to a CRT Sony PVM-14L5?
This is a less interesting option to me, but I keep having folks insist that I must view my work on a CRT for complete accuracy of motion and interlacing.

And lastly, storage....
With all these other purchases, a Raid array is really pushing me past my budget. Since I don't deal with a lot of video and my animations are between 15sec to 1.5 minutes typically, I am looking for a cheaper option.
A salesguy at B&H Photo Video recommended that I could get an extra 250MB drive in my computer and render to that (and wipe it between jobs). I could then just copy the animations to a firewire drive for delivery to my clients.
Or he suggested a GTech Raid 320GB with Firewire 800.
I think I'd rather do the internal drive and only deal with the firewire when transfering for delivery. Does this make sense for this computer setup?

Thanks for any and all advice.
Hopefully, I am on the right track and someone will confirm some of the previous advice I've received!