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2005-04-22, 20:10
Hey all,

I am looking for some advice on purchasing an iBook. A friend of mine is selling his iBook. It is a 600MHz G3 with 120MB Ram. It has a 18GB hard drive, DVD player, CD-RW. It also has an wireless AirPort card. He is asking $400 for it. It has NeoOffice and FireFox on it. He also has it upgraded to the latest system version (OSX10.3.9)

I am new to Mac and have mostly PCs in the past. I have a desktop Wintel system that will probably stay my primary system. I am looking to pick up a laptop because I typically have to travel a bit for personal reasons. I'm currently in school and need to keep up on classwork. Most of the classwork involves accessing class sites via the web and used of a word processor. So I'm primarily looking for a decent 2nd device.

I like the feel of the iBook. I have two concerns before I make the purchase:

1. My big concerns is that I know this is older technology and I'm concerned about the upcoming release of the Tiger OS and the long-term viability of the machine. Realistically, how many years of useful service can I expect to get?

2. Is $400 a fair price. It sounds right if I were to look at an equivalent windows laptop but I'm not sure, since this is my first mac, whether that is a fair assessment?

What do you guys think?



2005-04-26, 14:27
Ok, first off, the 128M of ram has to be upped. The computer will spend most of its time swapping memory to and fron the HD. Tiger is supported, except for the finer points of CoreImage, which isnt a factor for web/WP tasks. As for usability, for the tasks you mention, it should be fine for a while. What I'd be worried about would be the life of the battery. If you're gonna be plugged in, then its a non-issue, but if you want to be using the DVD player on like an airplane, or any other mobile tasks, then you may need to look into the battery issues. As for price, i ususally look at Low End Mac, and their iBook G3 Deals page (http://www.lowendmac.com/ibook/ig3deals.html) it looks like $400 isn't a bad deal, provided nothing is wrong physically. Soulds like you may have yourself a nice iBook setup there. But the extra ram is NECESSARY i'd recommend a 512Meg stick, maxing out the machine.

2005-04-26, 23:23
Deal is fine, get 512 megs of RAM. Tiger will run faster than Panther on the same hardware setup.

2005-04-27, 07:19
Actually i do believe that with out an upgrade to atleast 256 RAM Tiger can't run. (256 Minimum Req)

2005-04-27, 16:42
Thanks to everyone for the good advice. I plunked down the money today. I also put in an order to crucial for 512 of memory for it so hopefully in 3-5 days I'll be zipping along.

Thanks again!