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2005-05-03, 22:29
What IRC clients do you use?
MacIrssi doesn't work on Tiger and i can't stand the rest of the IRC clients! :(
A guy found a way around but i dont know how to do that, could someone help me out?
its here http://www.macupdate.com/reviews.php?id=12738&pid=102327

2005-05-03, 23:13
I use iRC: http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/10047

2005-05-04, 00:48
I've always been a fan of X-Chat Aqua (http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/11070).

2005-05-04, 08:20
"Tiger has upgraded PERL and Macirssi asked for the wrong folder (it's been renamed from 5.8.1 to 5.8.6 in /Library/Perl/)"

How do i edit this in the app?

2005-05-04, 08:53
I've always been a fan of X-Chat Aqua (http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/11070).

I like this one as well. At least I did when I was spending more time on IRC.

2005-05-05, 12:26
I've been using snak for the ocasions i frequent IRC, but not too sure why

2005-05-05, 16:02
I've used Xirc (http://aquaticx.com), but it's a little buggy. Conversation (http://homepage.mac.com/philrobin/conversation/) is great if you don't care about typing commands. Colloquy (http://colloquy.info) is making progress and will probably be the best soon. But, for now, I use X-chat Aqua.

2005-05-05, 16:14
I use xchat, shadow irc or colloguy.

2005-05-05, 16:57
psh...IRC is for old people ;)

2005-05-05, 17:17
I always liked Snak but it's probably all tres chic to rag on it these days in favor of some obscure command-line thing... :P

2005-05-05, 17:22
Hell, iRC is the most user-friendly one I've found, but IRC users hate it because 99% of IRC users also think Linux is awesome. "Computing masochists" I call them... the more obscure and difficult it is to use, the better!

2005-05-06, 07:54
psh...IRC is for old people ;)Shhh... just don't let the kids know.

I've been getting my warez from the same place for over a decade. Meanwhile, hotline, napster, MacSatteliteX, gneutella, and Kazaa... have all come and gone. efnet will still be around long after you can no longer get your latest desperate housewives episode off bittorrent.

/me kicks back and watches the the masses go this way and that ;)

2005-05-06, 10:16
i have tried all those you mentioned. i remember colloquy was pretty but a bit slow, unfortunately.

i guess i'll have to wait for MacIrssi to be updated. thanks

2005-05-22, 20:59
MacIrssi has been updated and now works with Tiger!

2005-05-23, 05:02
I use X-Chat Aqua, and for future reference, if an app is just looking for a file in the wrong place and you cant change the path in the app you could make an alias.

For example, in terminal, you could have typed:-
ln -s /Library/Perl/5.8.6 /Library/Perl/5.8.1

I think its quite bad for the MacIrssi peeps to be hard coding that path into there app. I am in work at the mo, but surly there is a common alias or system path that should be used?!?

If not, the system command "which perl" should print the full path to the currently active perl installation. (Specifically the perl binary command)

2005-06-05, 11:40
ok bare with me this is a really dumb question. im using Xchat aqua and this is the first irc program ive used on an apple, i always used mIRC on my pc. well when i go into a channel and request a file from someone, on the pc when they were sending it to me, it would just pop up and ask me if i wanna download or not but i did the same thing i do on my apple and it says the client is sending me the file and i have it pending but i dont know where to click accept because nothing pops up. can anyone help me here??? for now ive been downloading on the pc and just sending it to my apple via my network but im getting sick of doing it all the time and id rather just do it on here. please help, thanks


2005-06-05, 15:03
http://www.geekd.org/applenova/AppleNova%20Chat.zip if you ever want to chat with your applenova friends here is our custom client

/shameless plug

2008-01-30, 17:26
*crazy bump*

MacIrssi doesn't work on Leopard and I think the developer doesn't care anymore because he hasn't done anything about it yet.

Any code genius there that knows how to make it work, changing a few lines? :d