View Full Version : Mighty Mouse

2005-08-02, 20:45
Well, tomorrow I am ordering a 20 inch iMac. But I have a question that needs to be answered quickly, should I get Apple's new Mighty Mouse or not? Help Please! The two button mouse is a bit of a plus, the extra buttons maybe, and I am not sure about the touch sensitivity. But is it worth the 50 bucks?


2005-08-02, 20:49
You should read this thread. It's the most info that I've seen on the MM.


2005-08-02, 21:05
I've gotta believe that Apple will update the custom config pages for their machines pretty soon. You can already order the MM/keyboard combo for the Mac mini ($20 more than the standard wired combo), so I'd expect them to make the same offer available throughout the line.