View Full Version : advice requested: bought iBook before the upgrade

2005-08-03, 14:29
I bought an 12" iBook three weeks ago. If I had known about the coming upgrade and waited for it, I could have had more RAM for the same price instead of having to buy it, to say nothing about the faster processor. :mad:

What options do I have now? Is there a way I can get it exchanged for the new model? BTW, I bought it at the campus bookstore, and they don't accept returns.

Please advise! Thanks!

2005-08-03, 14:48
Nope, there's nothing you can do. But think of it this way - the new updates weren't really that great. Besides, if you had checked a few websites (like this one), you'd know that the iBook update was long overdue and coming any day. Sorry to sound harsh, but you don't really have much to complain about.

2005-08-03, 14:55
Luca is right. You're pretty much SOL.

You could try to pawn it off to someone on ebay, though. If you're really lucky, you might come close to breaking even with the student price you paid.

2005-08-03, 15:42
EDIT: nevermind, was going to give Luca's suggestion, then read the whole thread and saw he'd gotten to ya a while ago:lol: ! Since you can't get a new iBook through Apple, Brad's suggestion of eBay looks like the best option if you really want an updated iBook. :)

Franz Josef
2005-08-03, 15:45
Yeah - it's an iBook, a great laptop. You could be using a Dell running Windows, then you would have something to complain about.

2005-08-03, 16:06
Thanks for the quick responses, everyone. I just switched to Mac, and much as I can understand this wouldn't have been hard to predict from where you're standing, it did take me by surprise. I had to move quickly to replace my old ThinkPad when it crashed, and all the research I did went into figuring out that the ibook was a better deal than, say, a Dell at a comparable price. So I guess I do have that consolation, huh?

2005-08-03, 17:32
The "consolation" is that despite the recent bump, you've still got a great machine that brings you to the world of Mac OS X and will last for a few years! :) Sure, it's not top-of-the-line any more, but nothing stays at the top for any longer than six months or so at a time anyway.

Welcome to AppleNova, by the way. :) Please take some time to browse around and search the forums. As a new Mac user, I'm sure you'll have lots of questions from the basic usage to specific cases. Most of us have been in your shoes at one point; so, don't let yourself get frustrated if something doesn't come naturally. Feel free to ask!

2005-08-03, 20:48
You won't be able to do anything about getting the safe-while-falling hard drive of the new ones, but you can turn the trackpad of the one you've got into a scrolling one. Look for iScroll 2, and you'll be good to go.