View Full Version : Looking for a powerbook

2005-08-17, 10:16
Where would I find a decently priced 15" powerbook? It could be last years model or whatever. The Apple resellers never have any of the previous lines around and I can only find them for sale at E-bay.

Thank you in advance for any direction you can offer.

Franz Josef
2005-08-17, 11:05
If you live in the US you can buy good refurbished PB's from Apple. You might also like to drop a PM to pscates2.0 here on 'Nova who's offering these - http://homepage.mac.com/pscates/mockups/go.gif

2005-08-18, 08:21
Thank you for the good ideas.

2005-08-18, 15:34
Have you checked
smalldog.com (http://www.smalldog.com/)?