View Full Version : Hard shells for laptop bags?

2005-08-29, 02:28
I'm looking for a hard shell that would fit the 12" iBook and slip down into my backpack. Before I didn't bother with one for my old laptop which was fine, but I also had insurance on that laptop through Dell. Hopefully something inexpensive!

Franz Josef
2005-08-29, 02:47
You may find something here - http://forums.applenova.com/showthread.php?t=8975

2005-09-08, 09:45
I use a boblebee bag (http://www.boblbee.com). It has a hard outer shell, the back has padding on a hard surface and is ergonomically molded, and it has a strap inside to strap the pbook down with. I commuted to work on my motorcycle every day for a couple of years, usually carrying my tibook in this bag and no problems at all. Very sturdy, very secure.

I know it's not eactly what you wanted, but I found it's just easier to upgrade the backpack rather than find some sort of protective case for the pbook.

2005-09-08, 20:17
Check out http://www.tombihn.com/ .

2005-09-08, 22:26
Axio (http://www.axio-usa.com/html/product.html)