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2006-04-02, 21:06

I just want to state for the record that I'm very disappointed by all the whining and demanding I've seen regarding the temporary Maddox theme. Some of you people need to lighten up.

To the brand new complainers who aren't even members of the community: get lost. It doesn't take a genius to understand some common courtesy and etiquette. You don't barge into someone else's home uninvited and shout at the owners that you don't like their interior decoration choices.

Really, some of the wholly negative and demanding reactions I've received in the past 48 hours make me reconsider making any other special holiday themes.

Originally Posted by Brad
Crap. I think I broke it. It won't go back.
April Fools!

Originally Posted by Wrao
My theory, you guys like theories too much. Brad will change the forum back whenever he wants to, he has no specific obligation to keep it either way, well, outside of maintaining the appearance of being a respectable web-forum.
Quite right.

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