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2007-02-09, 21:49

We've got some creative and talented folks here; am I right? Aside from things that just involve poking your keyboard and clicking your mouse, what are some unique projects you all have attempted?

I'll kick off with two of my own that I'm rather proud of.

First is my home-made Nerf dart cannon. I made this bad boy a couple months ago over the course of a weekend. At my office, many of us have little Nerf guns like the Nite Finder and the Maverick, but I wanted to outdo them all. So, I got some PVC, a bike pump, and a fast valve and I made my own custom pneumatic Nerf gun.

I keep it hanging behind my monitor and have a stash of darts in my top desk drawer.

It can fire a single dart some 200 feet faster than you can blink (probably farther, but I've never tested outside the office). It can fire five darts in a shotgun-like spray over about the same distance. It can destroy darts from firing them with such pressure, ripping their heads from their crippled little foam bodies.

My current project is to make chainmail. Yes, chainmail. It's more tedious and time consuming than anything, but the result will be a custom-fitted "hauberk" shirt of cold steel. Fuckin' STEEL. How more badass can you get?

Progress so far:

So, pony up, everyone. What have you been creating in your off hours? Baked goods don't count.

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