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2010-09-15, 03:12

The MI2 deal is still going! I was worried it would end at midnight, like an hour after I posted that, haha.

Oh, and for anyone considering purchasing a PlayStation Move, Kmart is having another one of their krazy game deals, because nobody buys video games at Kmart. Buy the PlayStation Move Starter Kit and get a $25 "gaming coupon" for a future purchase. Buy a Move controller, NaviCon, or charging station and get a $10 gaming coupon. Buy any of Sony's Move launch titles or Toy Story 3 (which supports the Move) and get a $10 gaming coupon. And if you're just buying the PS3, if you get the 320GB PS3/Move bundle, you get a $40 gaming coupon, which is sort of like getting 10% off. The deal lasts until the 25th, or "while supplies last," but any coupons obtained last until 10/23. It's "officially" one coupon per customer, though. Deets here.

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