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2020-09-22, 17:50

I really thought `date -v-1d +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S` was going to save me but it isn't. Turns out that the NAS's Linux doesn't have the "-v" flag in it's build.

That would allow me to do the folders then have the script move and rename folders. I would script the symlink for the "today" folder to it's date, then tell ffmpeg to parse the previous day's folder. That would mean dated folders, but it would also allow me to make it simplified.

Looks like the glob matching that ffmpeg does won't parse a text file but sifts through wildcards. So I would be able to tell it to look in a specific folder and then stitch all the image in that folder together. I can't give it a list to parse that I can tell though. I found a wiki online that talks about the image source and options for it. The options it shows is what I have available.

I'm wondering if I can still kinda make it work by symlinking 20200922 to "today" and then have the script "rename" the symlink to "yesterday" and create a new symlink to "today". Then there is no math for dates but I'm fairly certain symlinks can't be renamed. I can set a variable to the destination folder though allowing me to symlink that....

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