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2023-10-19, 13:25

I wanted to update this because I have some new modification and integrations I'm working with now! Enter Home Assistant and add-on/plug-ins for Tesla Gateway and Span Panel.

I now have the ability to monitor my system completely locally with no cloud needed. Thanks to local APIs on both devices I'm able to tap in and maintain control for things that both wanted the cloud to be used for.

So right now I have my system set to go off-grid every evening at 1758 and return to grid operation at 2102.

Why? Because I can... and because grid sourced power is more expensive during this peak period. I don't want to chance pulling from the grid if I can help it. All my systems run and I don't even notice I'm disconnected from the grid. My mom turned the heat pump on heat now so it is even running during these timeframes without a problem.

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