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2006-01-16, 21:08

We're building a home theater soon. We just bought a new house with a game room that will work well as a home theater.

None of this is finalized yet, but:

Receiver: Denon AVR-3806
Projector: Optoma H79 (I hope the Ruby (Sony VPL VW100) comes down in price enough by August to get it)
DVD Player: Not sure yet, maybe the Denon DVM-1815
Screen: Maybe a Stewart, probably a Dalite
Subwoofer: Either SVS, HSU or Velodyne
Speakers: I've only done internet research so far. Once I start listening I'll get a better idea, but I plan on looking at the Paradigm Monitor series, Energy Connoisseur, Axiom Audio, Ascend Acoustics and Bowers & Wilkens.

We're going to paint the room a dark color, maybe taupe, and use blackout curtains on the windows. The screen will be on the long wall (18x15ft). The room is already wired for surround sound. It has a closet that's perfect for an equipment rack and snack bar.

When you open the closet door, it has a a closet on either side. One will be an equipment rack, and we're going to put a mini-fridge and microwave on the other side.

I'm thinking about building some acoustic panels, but I haven't even been in the room yet, so who knows what the acoustics are like.