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2021-05-05, 14:40

Originally Posted by Kickaha View Post
Not... quite. If you have turned on Optimize Storage, and your iCloud storage nears or exceeds your device storage, files will be locally deleted and refetched on demand when needed.
Correct, but only if Optimize Storage is turned on.

And, yeah, I know it's cheap. But that does not dispel Apple's lack of documentation so that customers can at least know what's going on. If Apple would fix that, then I might be more open to a recommendation. A tiny little bit of communication and explanation would go a long way towards customer confidence*.

Originally Posted by Kickaha View Post
So if you have a critical need for offline access to a file you haven't poked at in a while, make sure to open it before going offline.
Yes. And wouldn't it be really neat if Apple had a simple, straightforward guide to how this works, and why? Something like a big "How iCloud Works" button right there in the iCloud window?

Edit: Here is Apple's support page for this stuff. At the very bottom is some fine-print that attempts to explain what happens when you decide to shut it off.

* As usual, I'm referencing the average, ordinary Mac user, and not the typical AN member. I know how the system works and you know how the system works, but explaining it to not-know-nothin's is a complex and confusing process that should be straight forward. "Just turn it on and trust that it works" does not work.

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