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Mr. Farmiga
Join Date: May 2004
2005-01-19, 09:42

What cool pictures!

Pre iAqua era, which, frankly, seems like decades ago. The rainbow logo, the beige machines, those old Think Different folks, the Garamond typeface, etc. That's the Apple that existed when I started using Macs (1993).

That would be a bit like an eerie graveyard. It is truly like something stopped in time. But because of what it is, it holds a strong appeal for us. My gosh, if you could get those posters somehow, you'd be set!

If nothing else, keep them yourself for a good story to tell. If you have a spare bedroom, hang them in there. And print out the pictures of them hanging in the store and mount those beside the real, life-size it a sense of place and time.

"Here's where this Picasso poster used to hang...notice the rubble. Here it is now, on the wall in front of you."