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2008-07-08, 04:28

I am a very indecisive person. Also graphic design is definitely not one of my strengths. So based on some suggestions that my boyfriend's dad (who's a professional) made, I've ended up with these.

(Ignore the weird black lines on the side/top of some of them.)

There's actually only 3 designs, and then the variations thereof. I'm gathering other people's opinions before making my final decision.

I really like the square design but it's less practical for several reasons (would have to be folded into a triangle to fit in wallet, which would crease the text, and make it more prone to tearing). But it may be worth it since it would stand out more. So the variations are what information goes on front: logo+website or logo+name. (If I went with the latter, I would probably switch the logo to be the one with ".com" in it). Main difference on the backs is the font my name is in.

Then there are the first two rectangular designs. Both of these are designed to have all the information on one side. The one on the left spawned from the one in the middle.

Third rectangle design is the plainest but I think it conveys the information in a very easy to read way. This one is two-sided with the gigantic logo(.com) on the flipside.

So, any suggestions? Which one do you like? Any layout suggestions? How do you feel about the fonts? Content? Phrasing thereof? Regular logo versus the .com version of it?

Thanks in advance!