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2011-11-15, 19:11

So, in honor of MC 1.0 and The New World, I thought I'd bring this thread back to the top and bullet point stuff. Because I'm both OCD and anal retentive. Call me, ladies!

[Brad edit] If you can't build in the world, read this thread and post in it!

Membership Prerequisites
  1. Introduce yourself; some background helps.
  2. If not previously an AN member, then state who invited you (AN members with strong community standing only please) to join.
  3. Then that AN member must vouch for you in this thread before you can be whitelisted.

General Behavior
  • Do NOT take ANYTHING from someone else's chest unless it is clearly marked for sharing/community use or the owner has given you permission.
  • Close the door/gate after you pass through it.
  • Robo is on WiMAX. Pity and forgive him.
  • If there are torches around, its probably someone else's. Don't touch.
  • If it looks extensively modified, as in deforested or dug up, its probably someone else's. Don't touch.
  • Ask around if you think a developed area has been abandoned. Then maybe you can touch.
  • Do not exploit bugs to override the baseline limitations of the game. Use some common sense here. If exploiting a bug gives you the ability to break normally-unbreakable blocks, obtain normally-unobtainable items, or otherwise execute commands that you are normally forbidden from doing, don't do it.

  • Don't demolish any structures without asking (preferably the originator) first.
  • Do not remove, replace, move, or otherwise adjust torches unless you specifically know that you placed them.
  • If you break torches, glass, or other blocks you shouldn't have, replace it. If you can't replace it, contact the builder either in-game or here on the forums.
  • If a creeper or whatnot destroyed someone's place while you were running for you life, tell them. If you can't fix it properly, leave it alone and tell them ASAP.
  • Do not take sand from anywhere besides designated sand-mining areas. If you don't know where these areas are, ask someone.
  • If you harvest someone's crops, replant. If you trample someone's farmland, till and replant.
  • If you chop down a tree, be sure to remove ALL of the logs. Don't leave treetops floating in the sky!
  • Don't go wandering for thousands of blocks away from spawn. This needlessly expands the map. If you want to start building in an area away from spawn, ask around or check the map for good locations.

  • When deciding on a place to build, ALWAYS ask neighboring players if the land is spoken for or if you're building too close.
  • Do not plant trees randomly about the map unless they are well removed from civilization AND in the middle of a forest or field which is NOT already lit. This act is identical in its down stream consequences as removing a torch; don't do it.

  • If you encounter well lit caves while mining, don't take resources from these areas without asking. Someone may have explored that area and may still mine the resources at a later date.
  • If living in a populated area, do not use the practice of digging extensive, multiple, horizontal shafts in all directions at the depth of precious materials. These shafts can remove valuable materials under other people's homes thereby denying them their use. Excessive branch mines can also hamper performance for players on weaker computers. Please use the debug coordinate system to reign in your mining to just your local area!
  • Please build extensive mining operations away from current players homes in a relatively open area.
  • When mining in the mesa biome for stained clay, DO NOT mine entire horizontal layers through the middle of the hill (e.g. white and light gray layers only) leaving a floating island in the sky. Either trim the edges only or mine from the top layer by layer. The flower farms and mobtraps provide sufficient dye sources to stain the base hardened clay to your desired color. Don't be lazy.

  • Be respectful of others.
  • Use common sense.

So it goes.