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2013-12-09, 15:36

Nobody? Come Wednesday if no one else has piped up imma start suggesting things.

FWIW, The TN and Cactuar backups aren't the *final* world as we left it. I'm guessing a month or so back for each. No biggie, as most of the upper structures are intact as Brad mentioned above. But I did notice the Museum basement in Cactuar wasn't dug out yet, and 13topia still had a lot of the lower levels waiting to be dug out as well. Regardless, it's nice to have 13topia back in the world. Thanks again Brad.

Check the mcmap for some other goodies that have been moved over this past weekend. So, so fun.

[edit]: Brad - is it the NE corner you need to place from? Just wondering… I may measure a few (as well as I can from the maps) and get a rough idea where some would fit.

So it goes.