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2010-02-08, 22:52

There was a guy in Oz that got stuck in his car on a highway, and it was reported that he couldn't "disengage cruise control". I don't even know the make of car....
In the end they had to do a "controlled crash" to stop him. The news program showed him being taken away on a stretcher in an area which could only be described as the boonies, with about a million police cars and ambulances there, and crash barriers and fields and nothing else for as far as the eye could see.... Even SUVs are not that hard to stop... Just drive into a muddy field....

I was forced to wonder the same thing you guys are wondering..
Perhaps my knowledge of "modern" cars is out of date, but if I had a throttle, braking problem there are a myriad of other things I'd try before considering myself out of control. I am a very confident driver - I race - so perhaps it's something to do with that....

But I'd try my Brake, Handbrake, forcing it into lower gears, or even reverse, sticking my foot under the throttle peddle to pull it up, even perhaps use my hands, pulling the ignition key / dongle out... the list goes on and on... I'd even as a last ditch scrape my car against something until it slowed down enough that I could crash it myself...

I just don't understand how anyone who has a modicum of driving ability can get into these kinds of situations. And if they can I don't think they should have a license.

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