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2021-11-10, 11:21

Awesome. I'll snag that info in a bit.

EDIT: Okay, just got back. A couple of things:

- The model number of the smaller unit is VAP2500. However, there's no USB port on the back. It's pretty stripped down/simple...a power port and, if I remember, an ethernet port maybe? Only two ports, both occupied. No free USB port. No USB port, period.

- I looked to that larger vertical box. Its model number shows as 5268AC (with "FXN" written directly below the "8AC", because maybe there was no further room to have it all in a straight, single line: 5268AC FXN)

However, from a bit of Googling, I saw where an online AT&T support rep told another customer (who'd asked what the USB port is for) that the USB port is strictly for AT&T use/maintenance. Their reply, copy/pasted:

As far as the USB Port is concerned, it is only used for maintenance. If AT&T had to manually update or reload the software on the modem, this is the port they would use. Other than this, it has no other purpose.
So it appears I'm out of the water on both...the smaller wireless router has no USB port, and the larger one does but it seems to serve no purpose to anyone other than an AT&T tech doing updates/installs.

Oh well, thanks for being willing to check it out!

Once every month or so, I just stick a 64GB USB thumb drive into her MacBook Air and backup her Photos library and documents. Those are really the only two things that change/get added to. It was certainly nicer when Time Capsule just handled it all, automatically!

I'm thinking we'll just get a USB hard drive (one of those portable ones that gets its power from the MacBook via the USB cable, so no having to plug it in anywhere) and she can just plug that in and let Time Machine do its thing. Not the most elegant approach for a notebook, but it'll be better than me trying to remember to do it manually every month or so.

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