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2021-03-05, 09:29

Recently I saw an article talking about Thread and the Nanoleaf Essentials came up in it. Basically it is a color changing smart bulb that only uses bluetooth or Thread. Given I've got a handful of HomePod Minis it will fit right into this house. I just ordered two so I could play with them. While a Hue is supposed to be superior this was rated very highly.

I also read about Eve products starting to ship with Thread built into them. In fact, I just went their site and they are very much pushing Thread.

Personally I'm loving this. Having moved from a home with Z-wave built out in it I love mesh automation. I've had nodes go bad but the whole system keeps working. This is going to be huge for home automation given it isn't proprietary like Z-wave is (each z-wave chip is licensed to ensure quality with the Z-wave brand).

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