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2021-03-08, 11:42

My Nanoleaf bulbs came in yesterday and I have to say I'm impressed. Currently I have one set up so I can turn on a red light near my office door so my family knows when I'm on a call for my "on air" indicator.

Really though, the Nanoleaf app is great and allows you to control all your HomeKit devices from what I can tell. Recently I installed a Meross LED strip across the top of my cabinets in my kitchen and am not very impressed with the color controls in the HomeKit integration. Things like I can't do "party mode" or other special settings within I can change the color, brightness etc. but can't change it to cycle colors or anything.

I can do those within the Nanoleaf app though even though it isn't a Nanoleaf product. While I don't need party mode it is kinda nice to have to option. The fact that the Nanoleaf app allows for the option to control products that aren't theirs is just amazing to me.

For the bulb, I'm loving the colors and temperature options. I'm going to get a few more to go over my office desk here shortly too, I just need to find a future I like. Setup for the initial build was a breeze with the hardest part being copying a new password from 1Password.

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