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2021-05-03, 14:25

I wonder if that has to do with the M1 version of the Home app? Maybe sign out of your AppleID on there and sign back in? I don't have any connected cameras so I can't really try to replicate that one.

For my earlier comment about smoke detectors I ended up going with the Onelink brand that is in the Apple store. Lowes carries them too and both Apple and Lowes give Veteran discounts. Anyway, I do like them given it allows me to know when an alert goes off on the other end of the house with them all interconnected. This really helps get the alert out. I also added one to the basement storage area given it isn't high traffic and we would easily lose the house if it caught fire before we knew about it.

The one thing I found was I had to put an AppleTV HD I had laying around in my boy's room since it was too far from any other HomeKit hub. Even though the smoke detectors connect to WiFi, that doesn't seem to apply for HomeKit. It seems to only use bluetooth for that. When I would go to the boy's room with my phone the smoke detector in there would report online but as soon as I walked back downstairs away from the room it would go offline again. Plugged that AppleTV in up there and it has been reporting online since.

Thread integration will help with this. I'm really looking forward to that becoming the standard.

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