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2021-11-18, 13:20

Originally Posted by chucker View Post
Supposedly, there's still business customers who want something like an iPhone but without cellular networking.
I understand. I bet there are some regular civilians who do as well.

Whatever the case, make it available. They don't have to put it on the homepage or make a big fuss about it, but it could be a small little section of the iPhone or Music section, right? Why the treasure hunt?

It would be like a grocery store putting a certain brand of soup or spaghetti sauce in its rear storeroom, up on a tall shelf, behind some other shelves, making anyone looking for it go through hoops. Either put it out with the other soup or spaghetti sauce you sell, or don't carry it. But don't make it a pain-in-the-ass hunting expedition.

To be clear: I'm not championing the iPod touch and saying "it must remain in the lineup!". If its time - like the Classic, nano and shuffle - has come and gone, fine. I'm simply saying if they're going to still offer it for sale, then at least make it where interested buyers can find it in the logical place(s). Apple is the one being goofy/weird here, not me.

They might accidentally sell a few - especially this time of year - if people could just find them. I think the concept is iPhone minus the phone/cellular part. Just a modern wifi-based device that probably has more use now than it did 10 years ago, just due to so many places (stores, restaurants, pubs, offices, etc.) now having wifi. It may have been too ahead of its time? The places it could be used 10-12 years ago just weren't as many as now. I almost think a revamped, affordable wifi-only device could be a strong seller for people with younger kids, seniors and anyone not wanting a monthly wireless bill. But that may be the very may be seen as a profit-eater.

We can't make anything when you sell these 'iPhones without a phone', Apple! You're not doing us any favors...just stick to the iPhone, please?

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