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Mr. Farmiga
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2022-03-26, 11:30

Well rats. I was hoping I was onto something. Thanks.

Yeah, that is a waste. The display works just fine, but it can’t be used. A shame these things can’t be designed to live on as “dumb displays” long after their processors/OS support ends. There’s your affordable 21.5-24” Apple display…a 6-10 year old iMac. Still looks nice, reasonably thin and sleek, pairs nicely with various aluminum Macs.

Oh well.

Yeah, as much as they tug it over their green-ness, they do some questionable, wasteful stuff. This would be a good example. Now I gotta find a way to dispose of this thing. I’ll call simply Mac at the mall and see if they, as an authorized Apple service center, have a direct pipe to Apple to ship it back for recycling.