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Mr. Farmiga
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2022-03-26, 12:40

Just tried the option comes up with "Vicki's Desktop" or "Recovery-10.11.5".

Up until now I could only boot into Recovery Mode(?) and when I'd run that Disk Utility First Aid, it would make it through one thing just fine, and then fail/stop halfway into the second one.

It hasn't booted up to usable condition in over a week, no.

When I click "Vicki's Desktop", I get the same boot up progress bar as she/I have been getting since last Thursday, nine days creeps alongs, hangs at about the 3/4 mark and then screen goes out. It never boots to a usable, normal desktop/state.

No tell-tale "crunching glass" sounds or anything, like you often hear with a bad hard drive.

It's an older iMac with the spinning hard drive, so I've heard that sound before.

Just happened again...tried to boot, progress hangs at the 3/4 way for about 3-5 minutes and then the screen just goes black.

EDIT: Now I'm booting into recovery mode from the two items presented via the "option + restart". It wanted my wifi password, so I entered it. Maybe this time it's booting differently. I'll try that First Aid thing again...haven't since last night.

UPDATE: Been booting into that mode for nearly 10 minutes now, just the grey Apple logo on screen. Maybe it takes longer.

I'm not really going to go to extreme measures to resurrect this thing. It's old and slow. If I have no success today, I'm going to wipe/erase it and look into getting it back to Apple for recycling.

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