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Mr. Farmiga
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2022-03-26, 16:49

Just heard back from SimplyMac.

"We do it (recycle) for $19.99...".

Is this standard/common? I'm not paying someone to recycle something.

Just curious because this is the second time this store has had some weird "fee"...when I tried to do that temporarily lower-priced ($39) iPhone battery replacement thing a few years ago, locally, they tried to tack on an additional $10 fee for reasons I could never get a straight answer on, after talking to three different people. I wound up doing it, two weeks later, in KC at the Apple Store (while I waited) for the $39. This place, apparently, was going to ship it off somewhere (who knows where? Apple? Fred's Batteries R Us?) and that was to cover shipping...they don't do it there, it turns out?

This is supposedly an Apple authorized service center and, obviously, a reseller. Does Apple charge you to bring in an older Mac or iDevice for recycling?

I don't like this store. They always seem to be pulling shit/getting cute with numbers in a way others don't.