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Mr. Farmiga
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2022-04-05, 04:21

I’m going to assume I’ve done something wrong on the numbers…

My first Mac was a Quadra 610, in February 1994. I can’t remember exactly what I paid for it, but I thought it was in the $1,799 neighborhood. But all my Googling says it was ~$2,500 in early 1994.

I simply don’t recall paying that crazy-ass amount, but I also look at how expensive Macs, RAM, etc. were in the 90’s, so I’m sure I must have. I bought it new at Microcenter in Tustin, CA, less than three months after arriving in California with my Marine wife.

So plugging all that in to the calculator at the linked site ($2,500 invested in AAPL in February 1994), the number coming back in the “final return” field is $3,979,622.82 (with the “annual return” showing 29.92%.

Can someone check my math before I go drink a jug of anti-freeze?

Holy smokes.

Had I invested the $599 I bought my first iPhone for in July 2007, that would be $33K+.

Hindsight is a cruel motherf…