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2022-04-06, 10:30

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Hindsight is 20/20.

Had I just put my money into Gamestop last year when it was $13/share …

Yeah, I can think of about 200,000 different ways I could have been rich. But, I haven't got the chops for that stuff.

FWIW, my dad approached me in 1996 to ask advice on a tech stock to invest in. I told him Apple at $16/share. He laughed and told me they'd be bankrupt in a year. No, I said, they've got Steve Jobs coming back. Buy Apple.

He (or I, had I had any money to invest) could have been a rich man!

Only smart investment idea I ever had.

Had the exact same conversation circa 2001.

My first Mac was a G4 Cube. I don't remember exactly what it cost (plus studio display, etc) but ballpark at $1500? Would be worth just shy of a cool million today.