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2022-06-06, 13:36

Originally Posted by psmith2.0 View Post
Maybe I read the screen wrong, but I've never seen 24GB RAM be an option for any of this stuff. Always seems to be in multiples of 8 in recent years, but that's pretty cool. That would be a more affordable upgrade than 32GB.
Yeah, you usually want powers of two, and you also usually want pairs.

So typically, a computer will have something like 8, 16, 32, …

But Apple's chips put the RAM on the same package (rather than separately), and they run them in parallel (hence the absurdly high memory bandwidth). The regular M1 had two RAM chips to the side. What they've probably done for the M2 is give it three, either in the same layout but smaller, or as three stripes off from the CPU.

Hence, 3x8 = 24 GB. Probably.