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Mr. Farmiga
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2022-06-06, 17:52

The Cube too.

To me, a big pro tower (big being relative, but bigger than anything else in Apple's lineup) should be the easiest thing to design/build. It doesn't need to be sleek, lightweight, "pretty", etc. Why they didn't roll that out back in November alongside the new 14" and 16" notebooks, I'll never know. Or at any point in 2022. Do they not think the Pro and Max (and now Ultra) variants are capable enough?

What are they working on?! Are they trying to make it fly/levitate too? Or waterproof up to 60 meters, in case Aqua-Man wants to buy one? What is the hold up for a big square box whose side comes off/folds down and a bunch of ports on the back?

Apple, after years and years of making really nice, near-perfect ones, seems to have lost the ability (will? desire?), the past decade or so, to just make a no-frills, suitably expandable and buzzword-friendly pro tower. Have they gotten so good at doing thin, light and intricate that they've forgotten how to do bulky, heavy and dumb?