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Space Pirate
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2022-06-06, 22:44

What was up with Federhooky doing a Superman run? Was that a sly reference to something?

Also, was he mocking their naming scheme for operating systems? I was in another room so it was not my main focus.

I'm convinced that my next vehicle needs to be used, to act as a spacer between old AirPlay and new AirPlay.

The Home app could be cool, but it's going to take some deprogramming to get people to stop saying "Alexa".

The ability to pull text out of video was pretty sly.

I liked the shareable Safari groups.

The side stage thing was interesting. If you can control it with key commands I'm in.

Customizable widgets on the Home Screen is cool.

I still haven't figured out how to use widgets inline with other apps. I'm sure I can figure that out.

Using my phone as an extra (better) camera seems like a kludge. Handy, but a kludge.