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2022-06-07, 01:34

Originally Posted by psmith2.0 View Post
The Cube too.

To me, a big pro tower (big being relative, but bigger than anything else in Apple's lineup) should be the easiest thing to design/build. It doesn't need to be sleek, lightweight, "pretty", etc. Why they didn't roll that out back in November alongside the new 14" and 16" notebooks, I'll never know. Or at any point in 2022. Do they not think the Pro and Max (and now Ultra) variants are capable enough?
M1 Macs have built in RAM and GPU. They could just put the M1 Ultra in the case and only allow PCI cards for non-GPU purposes, and no additional RAM, but I guess that’s not quite what they want. Keep in mind the M1 Ultra goes up to 128 GB RAM; the current Mac Pro goes to 1,536. They probably want a narrower gap than that.