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2022-06-07, 09:10

Not much separates them on paper. I'm wondering about the screen, is there a real visual difference between what Apple calls "Liquid Retina" on the MBA vs Retina on the MBP13". MBA supports billions of colors (so 10 bit or probably 8bit+FRC) and the MBP supports millions (so 8 bit), both 500 nits, both DCI-P3 gamut, both support one 6K external display... That leaves the fans. I'm curious how much difference that makes in sustained tasks? The rest seem somewhat minor differences. A few grams, a few millimeters and a few minutes real world battery?

I'm slightly disappointed not to see some degree of water resistance yet on the MBA. If they can do away with fans, it should be possible to engineer some degree of moisture resistance to the venting circuit (like heat piping that conducts heat to a port that is otherwise sealed from fluid ingress, and some sort of membrane/gasket system at the keyboard/hinge/ports...

I can get a reasonably weather sealed camera and a water resistant phone. It's time to make a laptop that will survive a medium coffee being spilled over it ?