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2022-06-07, 12:43

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
Is this a world trim before upgrading? I'm pretty sure the 'biome blending' works between all updates now, so we could trim and still get our nice borders, I think. There's a few areas I've built on since then – I'll pull up that old trim map and mark them down asap.
The official wiki page for 1.19 seems to support this!
Upgrading of old worlds
  • Now support 3D biome blending, so it blends the underground biomes as well.
I keep telling myself I'm going to find time to get back in the server for another adventure, but I never manage to find the time. Life never stops being busy! Gotta try to change that at least for a while around this update.

Takes note to check resource pack for updates…

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