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2022-06-07, 14:12

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
The 13" Pro is simple for those that feel the need sustain high CPU usage and want active cooling without shelling out for a larger Pro. Oh and TouchBar. Don't laugh, Mrs T wanted one with TB.
TB aside, it's just not that great a deal.

If you have Pro workflows like that, you probably want at least 16 GB RAM. Then you're at $1500. The 14 also includes a 512 GB SSD, not 256. You probably want that as well. Then you're at $1699. $300 buys you a much nicer display and sound system, a CPU more tuned towards perf workflows, and lots of little things such as MagSafe, a third Thunderbolt port, HDMI, an SD card slot, …. Plus, of course, the option for higher specs — more CPU cores, more RAM.

Kind of a slim market segment.