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2022-06-08, 08:44

For my company they downsized some of our staff so that left so many menial things to get done and maintaining a legit mail server is a pain. so many lists to keep clean and salesmen TRYING to get you blacklisted. For us it just made sense to get the SMTP service.

I still manage so much normal infrastructure but mail is one we had to hand off. I do have experience with it from the hosting company I worked for, but really don't like it at all.

Drew, if you are talking about your own private domain I would recommend against Google or Outlook. I actually moved to Zoho because they are privacy focused. They offer a ton of features similar to Google and Outlook, but generally less and privacy focused. Not all plans have a fee. There is a "Forever Free Plan" that is for one domain and five users IIRC.

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