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2022-06-16, 17:39

The strange thing about comparing the Pro mobile and desktop Mac lines is how far away they are in price and usage.

The MacBook Pro line is used by multitudes of Mac users.
It's more expensive than the Air, but plenty of users gladly pay the premium. It's a mainstream machine, albeit a pricey one.

The Mac Pro resides up in the stratosphere, where mere mortals cannot enter. I know of no-one in real life who has a current model (2019) Mac Pro. And I do know a few musicians and sound engineers and video production people. I've seen the iMac Pro and the (2013) Trash Can in offices, but never a current model Mac Pro.

I'd thought Apple was going to use the era of Apple Silicon to bring the Mac Pro down to earth just a bit.
But the introduction of the Studio would seem to make that unlikely.