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2022-06-16, 20:54

I took 1.19 for a local test drive today. It felt pretty much the same as 1.18, but I didn't go deep enough to encounter any of the new underground stuff.

I didn't get to touch anything last weekend, but this weekend I'm hoping to refresh my resource pack and try a dry-run of the world upgrade locally to be sure there aren't any surprises when we run it on the server.

I also took a look at the current state of overviewer (the tool that powers, and they don't have an update ready for 1.19 changes yet. It seems that it'll run and generate tiles as usual, but new block types will be invisible. I would imagine that's probably okay for us, but I figured I'd mention this to drop it on turtle's radar for later, and as a heads-up before we do any server upgrades.

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