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2022-06-19, 19:50

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There used to be a massive snow biome to the west of E's before we... changed seeds?
Ahh, yes, that would make sense! It's been so long since I went out that way, I'd completely forgotten what the previous region looked like.

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
I love this world building game-ish thing, obviously, but even I can't keep track of all the slicing and dicing we've done over the last decade (!!!). The best part of the whole thing has been being able to chat with fellow ANers IRL, honestly. Or maybe screwing with Ken is the best part. Or dying on any adventure that involves Drew. It's definitely one of those things.
Hear, hear! I haven't been around nearly as much as I was in the golden days, but the live chat and adventures were always a perk. Maybe we should try to arrange another adventure alongside this update.

Seeing as the updated biome blending works very well, I felt a bit more adventurous and tried surgically removing some of the smaller 16x16 chunks inside one of the larger region files to see what Minecraft would do. I don't have any tools to quickly and easily feed in a bunch of options, but for a few very specific locations, I can use a local editor to strike some out and for Minecraft to regenerate them just like in the old days. There have been a few Cliffs of Jebâ„¢ from our previous migrations that always bothered me. Take this cliff, for example, on the east side of r.-2,0.

If I remove just a few bothersome (and uninhabited) 16x16 chunks right along the edge, then voila!

It works exactly as I hoped, smoothly replacing with new ocean/island terrain between the two watery sides.

What do you think? Are there other region edges like this that could stand to be nuked and reformed with a smoother transition? The biggest drawback is I have to do the file editing locally. So, whenever I do this, I need to stop the server for a while to make sure nobody is working in the same region files that I'm editing.

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