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2022-06-23, 11:58

I didn't watch much TV growing up because I felt guilty taking away time from studies, and then taking time away from work, and then when in school again as a civilian. So, I'm catching up.

Remington Steele fits the wholesome action and comedy description. Too bad it is one of the first examples I know of where studio interference caused it to go downhill. It was cancelled while still very popular with a large audience, then brought back on the very last day of the 60 day grace period before the actors' contracts expired (Pierce Brosnan having to be recast from the James Bond movie in which he was cast and the same for Stephanie Zimbalist and Robocop), and then changing to format to three two-part made for TV movies. The only good thing was that the actors were contracted for a whole season of 20+ shows, so were paid at that rate.