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2022-06-09, 09:31

The real challenge is that it isn't uniform across the board and you still end up needing multiple authentication points. If you only ever log into services using your Apple devices you would be fine, but what about the times you use someone else's computer? I'm sure you get a backup/emergency code for that, but are you going to remember it? No, so you need a vault to log it. Now we are back to passwords again.

I like how this is heading, but there is so much to work out and so many platforms to involve. Heck, my IT department forces password changes. This has been proven ineffective and yet it is still forced. Thankfully I use a password manager so that isn't a problem, but they would never move to a biometric auth. Even if they did a 2FA, it would involve something you know (a password) along with what ever device/biometric other you used.

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