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2022-05-24, 09:32

That's what I'm talking about. Cruel and unfair, but that's how life goes sometimes, huh? The wrong (and undeserving) person pays for the sins/deeds of others. Was still a snail of an episode, though. After about that fifth sewer shot, I kept thinking "okay, is there something special about this sewer that I should be noting (besides the obvious, its location)?"

Chucker, I never watched Breaking Bad, so I only know the rough outline. But yeah. Still tough to pull for some characters when they just get so low and beyond redemption. Makes for good drama, but you still just want to take a shower afterwards. I know I couldn't watch BB or BCS-style fare all the time. Too draining and bleak.

It almost calls for an Al Bundy or Jack Tripper palate cleanser. '

No BCS spoilers below, but a semi-off-topic(?) rant centered around last night's episode and its coverage in the media this morning:

Off-topic (click to toggle):
PS - I know I've griped about this during the runs of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett, but just taking a random cruise around my usual sites this morning (including YouTube), I'm astounded by just how many inconsiderate, clue-starved boneheads - many of them so-called "professional" writers - are putting last night's details in their headlines (and photo captions, etc.). I can't think of anything more unprofessional, ill-mannered and jerkwitted, less than 24 hours - hell, less than 12 hours - after a show's airing.

Can these idiots not a) reword their headlines/opening paragraphs or b) maybe wait 2-3 days before blabbing stuff in an impossible-to-miss way? How hard is that? And, as with the two Disney+ shows mentioned above, I'm not going to some genre-based, spoiler-oriented site where I'd expect to see such things openly discussed and shared. I'm just going to regular news/entertainment aggregators, and places like YouTube...where nobody can seem to exercise a bit of restraint and courtesy about how they write their headlines.

Morons, all.

And, no...the "solution" isn't "well, just stay off the Internet for 2-11 days". The solution is for people writing articles and reviews for publications, websites and blogs seen by gazillions of people to stop being such inconsiderate, unprofessional oblivitards and cunts.

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