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2012-06-29, 10:44

COD Black Ops is on the way.

Supposedly expansion packs will follow this winter. Hopefully we get good performance out of box considering the game is almost 2 years old. Should do OK with Radeon 5770 as that's about the same generation of GPU as when the game was made.

I'm up for something new from my favorite FPS series ever though. Bring me the ACR.... bring it to me! Adaptive Combat Rifle FTW (I'd buy one in real life if I could, just to keep the marauding hoards of redneck at bay when the food revolution comes. Might have to settle for a good ole AR-15 type. ). And by the sounds of it the PC version of the more recent COD (call it COD5) is not very good. A lot of people on PC went back to COD 4, so this might actually be the better option. Never heard any complaints about Black Ops.

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