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2018-04-05, 10:23

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Anyway, looking for a mob-free zone below ground for a rather massive project I have in mind that isn't possible with those stupid slimes popping up all over the place.

Anyway, if I miss you, what I'm looking for is mob-free from the NW corner of my palace to the SW corner of Tall Town. If you drop into my basement, you'll find a, um, "excavation" ( ) that I want to expand for some as yet unannounced bits that the slimes will render too difficult to undertake. Coordinates are roughly 730/600 in the NW, and 1125/1060 in the SE. It's a big area.
Hmmm… mob-free zones have been possible by forcing the biome to "mooshroom island". Since biomes apply to the full 0 to 255 Y space of a block, and since only mooshroom cows can spawn in the mooshroom island biome, overwriting the biome value of the block effectively results in that being a mob-free zone. The last time I forced biome settings, though, was when we were using a modded server and it was a mod that gave me that command. That's what I did to keep mobs from spawning in and around (most of) the USS Enterprise. I'll take a look at the current legit admin commands to see what I can do here!

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